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Welcome to the web’s most comprehensive resource for oversized comic book collected editions. These aren’t your ordinary 120-page trade paperbacks collecting a mere 5- or 6-issue story arc, find and they certainly aren’t your 22-page monthly issues. No, these are bookshelf-worthy omnibi with page counts upwards of 300, 500, and even 1000 pages. Some are pricier than others, but as value goes, many of these leave your three-dollar monthlies in the dust.

Books and other information are continually being added. But already on this site you will find over 350 oversized volumes, for a total of more than 100,000 comic pages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are your standards for including a book on the site?

A: Generally, a book needs to be at least 300 pages long. There are a handful of exceptions, such as the shorter volumes of a series (Cerebus) or shorter-than-usual installments of a format (Showcase Presents: Bat Lash). There may also be exceptions for ‘Complete’ volumes that fall shy of the 300-page mark.

Q: What are the differences between the formats?

A: DC’s Showcase Presents and Marvel’s Essential lines are black and white reprints of older comics, and generally clock in at about 500 pages per volume for a cost of about $16. Dark Horse’s and IDW’s Omnibus lines are in color, the page count varies between 300-450, and each volume retails for about $25. DC’s Absolute Editions and Marvel’s Omnibuses are hardcovers with larger pages than the comics they’re reprinting, and both lines command higher prices. Marvel’s Omnibuses also tend to have a much higher page count, often passing 800 pages in a single volume.

Q: Why does Cerebus get its own section?

A: Partly because, at 16 volumes, it would overwhelm any other page (notice that Lone Wolf & Cub got one entry, not 28). But also because Cerebus pioneered the oversized, “phonebook” format that was the forerunner of these omnibus volumes.

Q: Why include the DC Absolute and Marvel Omnibus volumes? They often cost more than the issues they’re reprinting.

A: If I have a site devoted to thick, oversized comic collections, how could I ignore the thickest and most oversized ones that the big two companies put out? However, I’ve segregated them away from the other DC and Marvel omnibi (like the Starman or Runaways hardcovers), precisely because they’re so much more expensive.

Q: Do you actually own any of these yourself?

A: Oh, yes. I own about a dozen Showcase and Essentials, two Absolute Editions (Kingdom Come and the sadly out-of-print DC: The New Frontier), and another dozen and a half books listed here. The largest volume I own is the 1088-page Walking Dead Compendium. Merely creating the site has introduced me to volumes that I didn’t know existed, but now plan to buy.

Q: What is the best bargain on the site, in terms of pages-per-dollar?

A: I think that title goes to the Fred Hembeck Omnibus, at roughly 2.8 cents per each of its 900 pages, going by the cover price.

Q: Where can I buy these books?

A: Each book’s entry links to that book’s page on Amazon.com. Amazon carries most of these books, but not all. You can also buy many of these books from Dreamland Comics, DCBS, Khepri, Midtown Comics, any number of other online retailers, or simply inquire at your local comic book store.